Diet Diary- Week 1

I’ve started a detox. After a year or so of meaning to ‘start on Monday’ I finally took the plunge. Technically I started last week Wednesday but after only 4 days I fell, dramatically, off the wagon. To be honest, it really wasn’t that terrible (in comparison to how a usual poor weekend would have gone) but it certainly wasn’t in line with what I signed up to.

I’ve joined an online personal trainer who uploads daily videos and meals inspiration accompanied by a few private messages a day to make sure that I’m motivated enough to stay on track. I rebelled this weekend but I am starting the new week with a fresh attitude and the determination to stick to it for two weeks.

I’m sure many of us have dieted before, from taking up the latest eating trend to doing it the old fashioned way of Eat Less, Move More. This detox is something completely different for me… High fat, low carb. That’s no bread, pasta, potatoes or rice. And surprisingly, no fruit or high carb veg like carrots. Now I don’t know about you, but I eat fruit to be healthy! And carrot sticks and hoummous. But this plan doesn’t allow me to do that. Last week I made it to day two before I started to struggle with a constant headache and an ever shortening fuse. I’m usually quite cordial in the office but the snappy Naomi came out to play! I’ve heard of low carb diets before but high fat certainly isn’t a route that I would have chosen on my own. We seem to be taught that fat=bad but I’m slowly learning that ‘good fats’ are a thing, and that they good for you.

My small consumption of carbohydrate this weekend (a slice of farmhouse toast with melted butter) was enough to mean that I needed to start from scratch again today. So here I am, surprisingly satisfied after filling myself with green vegetables and a bucket load of determination.

I thought that I’d take the opportunity to blog my meals each day or so and give an update on how I find the next two weeks. After the detox is over I move into cycling my carbohydrates but for now, I need to stop thinking about them.

 Goodbye Mr Carbohydrate. I’ll miss you… Until I learn to forget about you.
Today’s Detox Diary
Breakfast: Tossed Super Kale Juice (minus the apple)

Snack: Mixed nuts.

Lunch: Tossed Chicken, Tomato, Lentil and Avacado Salad.

Dinner: Bill’s Naked Burger with salad and broccoli.

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