The Story So Far

I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through words. Of those people that know me, few would believe that for the first two years of my life I didn’t utter many words. After a number of trips to meet the family Doctors they finally believed that there was nothing wrong with me. Apart from having given birth to a stubborn daughter! I was a perfectionist and wouldn’t speak until I had an impressive sentence to blow them away with.

The journey to starting my blog was somewhat similar. I’ve been reading blogs and watching the accompanying YouTube channels for years now. I first knew that I’d enjoy taking the plunge into the blogging world but didn’t believe that I was ‘perfect’ enough to get started. The truth is that perfection never comes but focus and dedication can bring you pretty close. Hard work and success are somewhere along the same road, and my decision to finally blog is a part of the journey somewhere in between.

So join me as I figure out this blogging thing and be a part of the story.

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