Believe & Achieve

“If you believe it, you can achieve it.”

Sounds amazing, but does it work in practice? I believe that it does but it’s not a magical formula. Believing that you have a Lamborghini won’t result in you waking up to a sparkly new car on your driveway. But if you have a goal, a hope or a dream, believing that you can achieve is the first step to you actually achieving it.

When I walk in to a job interview I believe that I’ll get it. I’ve never been described as cocky, but confident. Confident that the hard work I’ve put in, and the work to follow, is more than enough for me to achieve what I set out to get… the job. That attitude has worked until now and I believe it will in the future. When you believe that you can, you carry yourself more confidently, you speak more confidently and ultimately, you are more confident.

Easy for me to say? Maybe. But I haven’t always believed that I’d achieve what I set out to. The biggest tip that I could give is to ‘fake it until you make it’! Or to tell yourself you believe you can, even if you’re not 100% there yet. Over time you’ll be convincing yourself less and actually, truly believing that you can.

No matter how big the dream, or how unrealistic the goal, be confident that you will achieve it. Believe and you will achieve.


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