No Regrets

I used to be the person who would sit back and cringe at the memories of things I’d said or done days, weeks, or even months before. The choices that I’d  made would sometimes play on my mind in my waking and sleeping hours. Had I made the right decision? Should I have taken that opportunity? Why on earth did I say ‘yes’ to that?

Some decisions seem right in the moment but then the gift of hindsight pays a visit, and you realise that the decision you thought had been carefully considered may not have been so well thought through. That pro-con list should have had one more pro on it, for instance.

After years of being ‘that person’ I became content with the fact that some decisions once made cannot be reversed. A word once said, cannot be taken back. But that’s okay. If in the moment the choice to do something or not was the right choice for you, then a change of mind later on doesn’t make that an action to regret. Instead the memory becomes a lesson to be learnt. The next time you’re asked the same question or given a similar two options to choose from, you’ll have previous experience to guide your response.

No regrets, just lessons learnt.

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