Sanctuary Spa 2 Day Moisture Shower Oil Review

A spa in a jar? I think this product comes pretty close. Packed full of a calming mix of scents and a formula that warms to your skin as soon as it makes contact… This moisturising oil literally warms to your skin. As the moisturising oil pours into your hands, it warms up as you lather it onto your skin. The feeling is just like that of the products used during a spa massage and takes you there for a brief moment.

The instructions guide you to shower first and then smooth the oil onto your skin. Leave for a couple of minutes to allow the oil to seep into your skin, and then wash off. Alternatively you can add it to your bath and enjoy the product a little longer. The fragrances sit on the skin allowing you to breath in the wonderful aromas.

I choose to use this product every other day as a treat to the skin. It re-energises me first thing in the morning, or relaxes me last thing at night. If I’m making time to treat myself with a bath then I’ll put a good dose into the water and allow to soothe my skin throughout.

As part of my body skincare routine I moisturise twice daily and so have relatively smooth skin, but to give this product a fair trial I used this one evening and then went to bed without moisturising. In the morning my skin was smooth but not moisturised enough to not have to apply my usual layer of creme, so for me the two day moisture isn’t something that I benefited from. For someone who doesn’t already have a body moisturising routine then the effects would likely be surer.


Though I personally couldn’t use this as a sole means to moisturise it certainly has a place in my routine. If, as directed, you leave the oil to rest on your skin for a few minutes, or bathe in it, the scent will stay on your body throughout the day. For me, this oil is less about the moisturising effect and more about the spicy fragrance, soothing oil and moment of spa like relaxation you experience during its use.


Out of 5 Star Rating

Look: 4*

As with all Sanctuary Spa products the packaging is simple yet attractive. The bright colour of the oil is enticing and looks great on your bathroom counter. At £7 I’d like a glass bottle.

Feel: 5*

This smooth and warming oil feels exactly like an oil used during a spa massage treatment.


If used a couple of times a week in the shower the oil should last you for a few months meaning that the £7 price tag could come down to less than 20p a use. Looking at it as a £7 product I don’t love the price, but in terms of cost per use this is actually very good.


Overall Rating: 4*


Have you tried the Sanctuary Spa 2 Day Moisture Shower Oil yet?

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