Spending Time Alone & Enjoying Every Moment

I work hard. I’m sure you do too. Sometimes the days roll into one and the light at the end of the tunnel seems further and further away. Friday comes and all you can think about is the fact that in two short days you’ll be back at work with little but Friday to look forward to again.
Finding a way to make the most out of your weekend can be difficult for all sorts of reasons. As we get older our lives get busier with ‘stuff’. Our friends have families and responsibilities of their own which means that the joy of a spontaneous evening out happens less and less frequently.

I’ve always been an extrovert who loves being around other people. I find myself more refreshed and energised when I spend time with my friends. But what do you do when those friends just aren’t available? Stay home with the latest boxset and takeaway? Or do the unthinkable… go out on your own. Shock horror! As I get older I am learning to enjoy my own company. And you can too. Though the realisation that your friends can’t always drop everything for you last minute can be disheartening at times, knowing that you still have options for enjoyment can help you through a weekend on your own.

So, for those weekends when you’ve reached the end of yourself (and I’m talking googling ‘what to do when you’re bored’ end of yourself) here are my Top 10 ideas for making the most of spending some quality time alone.

Work Out. This is always something that I neglect when I’m too busy to think straight and so why not make it a priority when your weekend is looking empty. Why not try out that new spin class. Or treat yourself to the sauna and jacuzzi if there is one. A release of those endorphins that make their way into your body when you exercise could go towards making your attitude toward a lone weekend much more positive.

Head to a Restaurant. This can be the last thing that you want to do alone. It takes a certain amount of courage (or who gives one) to sit in a restaurant on your own while those around you laugh and chat with their company. But it doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. Take a book you’ve been meaning to read or your laptop to make it a productive experience. Or even better, take a journal and sit and look pensive. Sometimes the restaurant will think that you’re a food critic and give you the best service you’ve ever had!

Reconnect with a Long Distance Friend. A great way to be around a friend when your local pals are otherwise occupied. A good dose of spare time can be a great opportunity to Skype or call a fired or relative that you just haven’t had time to speak to for a while. I have friends that I met while travelling America years ago that will always find an hour or so to have a good catch up at late notice.

Take A Short Break. Is there a location you’ve always wanted to visit? Home or abroad? Obviously the destination will be limited to the amount of time that you have available but even with a day or two you can make a memorable trip. I recently spent a few days exploring Rome alone and would recommend it to anyone.

Catch a Movie You’ve been Meaning to Watch. Everyone loves a movie. Whether this is achieved at home in your pyjamas or out at your local cinema, spend some time winding down in front of a great movie. Who says you can’t enjoy popcorn on your own.

Start a Project. Another great activity that we all put off because we just don’ t have enough time. You could start a new hobby, new blog or even a new business in the hours you have to spare while embracing your lonesomeness.

Make Exciting Plans. What do you do when you don’t have anything to do? Dream about what you wish you were doing. This doesn’t have to be a negative time, sat wallowing in pity. Instead, make exciting plans to be undertaken either alone or in a group. Planning ahead to make the most out of your next weekend can be real fun.

Pamper Yourself. When was the last time you took some time out to look after yourself? A day or two alone can be a great chance to pamper yourself at any price that you wish to spend. Treat yourself to a bath bomb or light a candle and sit back, relax and enjoy a long warm bath. Clear your mind of the stresses of life and enjoy a peaceful moment.

Learn Something New. What it says on the tin. Time alone is great for learning something new. Open a how-to book, watch a YouTube video or take a leap of faith in your own ability and learn a new skill. You could also look into whether your local council or college have any evening / weekend classes that you can go along to. You could be the next Masterchef!

So those are my Top Ten ideas for how to enjoy spending some quality time with yourself. Embrace the time alone.